Wireless For Business

realWirelessband – Our realWireless solution extends our technological connectivity options to a wireless platform. We offer both shared and non-shared bandwidth options.

Our wireless network is carrier-grade with an uptime of 99.8%. This means we are able to provide connectivity comparable to services like leased-lines at a fraction of the cost.

Because our wireless network runs independent of third party providers, we are able to deliver services within 2-3 days.

Wireless circuits are flexible and scalable in nature, enabling customers to scale bandwidth at short notice or even relocate their connection for a small fee.

Have a look at the Packages tab for more information on the package options we have.

Package Options

For our realWirelessband, we offer the following Capped solutions.

Wireless For Business - Consumer Grade (1:12)

  Premium Extreme Mega Jumbo
Cap 20GB 30GB 50GB 75GB
Speed 2M 2M 2M 5M
Email Addresses 20 30 40 50
Ratio 1:12 1:12 1:12 1:12
IP Addresses* DR DR DR DR
SZL (incl) 942.78 1,469.46 2,319.90 5,094.00


* IP Addresss: D - Dynamic , R - Routable. Static routable addresses are also available at an additional fee.

Wireless For Business - Carrier Grade (1:1)

All our realWireless Carrier Grade options are unCapped, unShaped and are offered with Committed symetrical bandwidth.

Sharing Ratio 1:1
Network Carrier-Grade Wireless
Network Uptime 99.8%
Email Addresses unlimited
Data Limit unlimited
Domain Name (.sz) 250.00 per annum
IP Addresses (routable - static) 2 addresses (/30 bits)
Bandwidth Committed and unShaped

Installation time frame is approximately 2 - 3 days.

All our bandwidth options do not have a data limit (unCapped).

Speed Ratio Installation Cost (incl) Service Fee (incl) Bandwith (incl)
256k 1:1 11,357.82 1,003.41 5,202.64
512k 1:1 11,357.82 1,883.71 9,095.79
768k 1:1 11,357.82 2,396.28 15,098.00
1,024k 1:1 11,357.82 3,274.93 19,790.86
1,536k 1:1 11,357.82 4,173.68 28,669.22
2,048k 1:1 11,357.82 4,579.95 36,868.22
3,072k 1:1 11,357.82 6,234.38 52,968.26
4,096k 1:1 11,357.82 7,793.33 70,592.38
5,056k 1:1 11,357.82 9,174.44 88,201.07


The carrier grade wireless network installation costs include:
- Setup & Configuration
- Radwin 5510 HSU (with 10Mbps soft upgradable license) Access Radio
- Mikrotik Router
- Brackets for mounting the wireless radio
- Shielded UTP Cable (20m)
- Electrical Supplies

We offer bandwidth speeds of up to 100Mbps (1:1). Please contact us should you have such access requirements.

realWireless Routers

Please note that wireless routers may be purchased from Real Image. Please contact our Customer Services team for assistance.

Don't worry about making the wrong package choice, you can instantly upgrade/downgrade at any point should your needs change. It's just our way of keeping it "real"!

realWireless Coverage & Availability
realWireless is available in the Central Business District of Mbabane. We will be expanding the network to cover a better part of Swaziland over the next few months.

realWireless will be coming to the following areas in the next few months: Ezulwini, Matsapha, Manzini

For additional assistance please contact our Customer Services team.