LEASED LINE For Business

realLeasedline – is designed for medium to large businesses that are looking for a reliable, non-shared Internet access solution. The leased line offers a 98% uptime with symmetrical bandwidth. This means that when you apply for a 512k line you will get 512k bandwidth dedicated for your use, both on the send and receive channel. Because the service is not shared, Leased lines tend to be more expensive.

All Leased lines offered by Real Image include 2 static routable IP Addresses. You also get access to an unlimited number of e-mail addresses.

Have a look at the Packages tab for more information on the package options we have.


Package Options

All our Leased Line offer the following options:

Sharing Ratio 1:1
Email Addresses unlimited
Data Limit unlimited
Domain Name (.sz) 250.00 per annum
Website Optional
IP Addresses (static) 2 (/30 bits)
Bandwidth unShaped and committed


Leased Line - Line Rental Options

The following Leased line rental options are available. The Leased line solution is capable of speeds up-to 100Mbps. All services are strictly point-to-point with no bandwidth sharing. The services are offered either over copper or fibre. The standard offering is over copper cabling. Fibre installations require additional terminal units.

This solution requires an application to SPTC to install the Leased line. Real Image will handle the application until its successful completion.
Estimated SPTC Installation time frame is approximately 3 - 5 weeks.

  SPTC (SZL) Real Image (SZL)
Speed Installation Cost (incl) Line Rental (incl) Bandwith Rental (incl)
64k 3,500.00 1,197.00 1,317.18
128k 3,500.00 2,068.42 2,622.87
256k 3,900.00 4,013.66 5,202.64
512k 3,900.00 7,534.83 9,095.79
768k 3,900.00 9,585.12 15,098.00
1,024k 3,900.00 13,099.74 19,790.86
1,536k 3,900.00 14,991.00 28,669.22
2,048k 3,900.00 18,319.97 36,868.22
3,072k 3,900.00 24,937.50 52,968.26
4,096k 3,900.00 31,173.30 70,592.38

The monthly service cost will be a cumalitive of the line rental cost plus the bandwidth cost. The installation cost are once-off.

Should your requirements be beyond 4Mbps kindly contact our Customer Services team who can assist you.

Leased Line Routers

Leased Line Routers are available for purchase from Real Image. Real Image will typically supply Cisco based routers for use with such a service. Please contact our Customer Services team for assistance.


What is the difference between Leased lines & ADSL

• Leased Line Solution speeds are symmetrical, which means your download and upload occur at the same speeds, whereas ADSL line speeds are asymmetrical and your download speed differs to upload speed. Normally the download speed can be up to two times faster than your upload speed.

• The leased line is priced at a fixed cost for unlimited data transiting your line whereas the ADSL is priced at a fixed cost for limited data. Although recent developments have now seen the introduction of unCapped ADSL, generally these service are subject to a Fair Usage Policy. Generally ADSL services are capped at different levels.

• Leased Line is a direct point to point connection which means that your link is not shared on a physical DSLAM. ADSL on the other hand connects via a DSLAM which means physical ports are shared. If all ports were in use, you may find yourself unable to connect.

Here are some additional value adds of a Leased Line:

• Uptime on Leased Line Service @ 98%

• Leased Line monitoring is carried out at 2 levels, by SPTC data department and by Real Image Engineers

• Leased Line is an always-on solution, no need to initiate dial up