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real3G – is a connectivity solution offered by Real Image in partnership with MTN Swaziland. It enables you to connect to the Internet using the exisiting MTN 3G Network by means of a dongle.

This solution is suited for users who have difficulty getting access to any other technology like ADSL.

The solution is a wireless broadband solution. You also get the convience of mobility, so you can access Internet on the move.


What is 3G
3G - stands for “third generation”, as it is the third type of access technology that has been made widely commercially available for connecting mobile phones.

To use 3G on your computer you will need a 3G dongle or router.

real3G option is great for:

·   Video Conferencing and Audio Streaming
·   Sending and receiving large emails
·   Surfing the web
·   Using the internet for online banking
·   Chatting online

To use real3G you will need the following:

·   You can use your cellphone, laptop, tablet or desktop computer to connect to the internet.
·   Connect your PC and other devices to the internet with our device range of data modems and routers.

You will need to visit our Offices and sign up for your data package(s).

Package Options

For our real3G solution, we offer capped solutions.

Package Cost (SZL) In Bundle (SZL) Out Of Bundle (SZL)
75MB 40.00 0.53 1.00
150MB 75.00 0.50 1.00
300MB 130.00 0.43 1.00
500MB 195.00 0.39 1.00
1GB 350.00 0.34 1.00

Activation for the above services takes 15 minutes.

3G Dongles, Routers & SIM Cards

Please note that SIM Cards, 3G routers and dongles are available from Real Image. Please contact our Customer Services team for assistance.

Don't worry about making the wrong package choice, you can instantly upgrade/downgrade at any point should your needs change. It's just our way of keep it "real"!

3G Coverage & Availability
3G is available in most parts of Swaziland. The coverage currently sits at 85% of Swaziland.