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ADSL For Home

realHomeband – is designed for the home user with different Internet access requirements. This option allows for the use of more features on the internet, without the frustration of waiting for pages to load. 5GB, 10GB , 20GB Cap levels are available depending on which realHomeband package you choose. We are also offering a time based unCapped option.

Since the introduction of ADSL in 2008, the local telco has been actively involved in ensuring that the service and solution is available in a number of areas in Swaziland. This network continues to expand daily.

Have a look at the Packages tab for more information on the package options we have.


What is ADSL
ADSL - Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line is the technology used to provide broadband, using a special modem. Asymmetric means that the download speed is different to the upload speed. For example, a 1024Kbps/256Kbps connection means you are receiving data up to 1024Kbps and send data up to 256Kbps.

To use ADSL you telephone line will need to be enabled for ADSL.

How does ADSL Work?
· ADSL splits your existing phone line into two channels.
· One channel is used to handle voice communication.
· The second channel is used for high-speed data connection.

What is Broadband?
Broadband is the term used for fast Internet access. By definition Broadband defines a speed greater than 1,024k. Think of your dialup connection like a garden hose. Only a certain amount of water can pass through it. Broadband is then more like a fire hose that can bring in the same thing, only much faster. The difference is breadth of the two pipes is called bandwidth. The higher the bandwidth, the faster the data can be transmitted. This faster speed allows you to enjoy many more features of the Internet, such as streaming media and radio.

What is realBroadband?
realBroadband is a family of broadband products available exclusively from Real Image Internet. These packages are designed to suit your individual needs. The are specially designed to work with the ADSL technology. On the business packages, you may combine any realBroadband package with your preferred ADSL line speed. This allows you to combine the best package to suit your needs.

realBroadband is designed to give home, small office/home office and business users instant Internet access 24 hours a day.

What do you get with realBroadband?
· High Speed internet Access
· Continuous access. ADSL is always on which means no need to dial up every time you want to connect to the Internet.
· A multi-tasking tool - talk on the phone while you surf
· Pay a single flat monthly rate
· Larger Mailbox - up to 500MB

Package Options

For our realHomeband, we offer a Capped solution.

  Express Premium Extreme NightSurfer
Cap 5GB 10GB 20GB 10GB + 5GB
Sharing Ratio 1:20 1:20 1:20 1:20
Time Of Day All day All day All day 7pm - 7am
SZL (incl) 84.93 144.00 326.04 125.34

The NightSurfer packages only work between 7pm - 7am (daily) including weekends. All the other Capped packages can be used and accessed at any time of the day.

unCapped Packages

  unCapped1024 unCapped2048
Line Speed 1,024k 2,048k
Cap unCapped unCapped
Email Addresses 40 40
Sharing Ratio fair usage policy fair usage policy
Domain Name Optional - E79/pm Optional - E79/pm
SZL (incl) 1,761.00* 3,959.00*

Top Up Options

The top up's only work with capped ADSL services. Should you run out of Cap (or your quota), you can easily top up with our option below. We offer the lowest per meg top-ups.

Top Up
  1GB 2GB 4GB 6GB 10GB
Cost Per Meg 0.11 0.10 0.09 0.08 0.07
SZL (incl) 110.00 205.00 369.00 490.00 720.00

Line Rental Options

The following ADSL line rental options are available for our realHomeband users. Home users will only have the option of 1,024k line. Users who were previously on lower speeds than 1,024k will be automatically upgraded to 1,024k.

Swazi Telecom Speed 1,024k 2,048k 5,056k
SZL (incl) 149.63 384.75 1,710.00

ADSL Routers

Please note that ADSL routers will no longer be included as part of your monthly line rental to the telco. Routers may be purchased from Real Image. Please contact our Customer Services team for assistance.

Don't worry about making the wrong package choice, you can instantly upgrade/downgrade at any point should your needs change. It's just our way of keeping it "real"!

Value Additions
Real Image offers a number of value adds with each of the realHomeband packages. These value adds are what sets us apart from other Internet Service Providers in Swaziland.

Standard Offer:
·    250MB Mailbox for each e-mail address
·    5 e-mail addresses
·    Usage Notifications

·    Fast Reliable Digital Connectivity
·    Anti-Spam Filtering to prevent unsolicited adult content and Junk Mail
·    Virus FREE e-mail with Anti-Virus Filtering
·    Web based e-mail in addition to the standard POP3 e-mail gives you access to your e-mail wherever you are
·    24/7 365 Free Extended Hours telephone support
·    Next Business Day onsite support
·    Emergency Same Day onsite support

ADSL Coverage & Availability
ADSL is available in most parts of Swaziland. Below is a list of telephone exchanges where it is available.
If you are unsure whether your area has ADSL please contact our Customer Services team.



Frequently Asked Questions
Real Image offers a number of value adds with realHomeBand package. These value adds are what sets us apart from other Internet Service Providers in Swaziland.

1. What does ADSL stand for?
2. What is ADSL Broadband?
3. What is Data/Base Cap?
4. Will ADSL Broadband affect my telephone usage?
5. How telephone calls are charged while online?
6. How do I pay for this service?
7. Where do I make my application?
8. What do I need to qualify for ADSL Broadband?
9. What are the benefits of ADSL Broadband?
10. Why is my ADSL connection slow?
11. How do I get billed for my ADSL Broadband?


1. What does ADSL stand for?
Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line 

2. What is ADSL Broadband?
Quite simply, ADSL Broadband is super- fast, always-available Internet.

3. What is Base/Data Cap?
This is the amount of data you want to be able to transfer per month e.g. 1GB, 2GB. As soon as you exhaust this cap, you will need to buy a top up voucher. Your base cap is automatically reset at the begining of each calendar month.

4. Will ADSL Broadband affect my telephone usage?
No you will pay one flat rate per month, with no per-minute telephone charges for surfing.

5. Are telephone calls are charged while online?
A normal telephone bill be sent to you for your voice calls.

6. How do I pay for this service?
Real Image Internet will act as a one-stop shop on behalf of all our members that will be interested in upgrading their current dial-up services to ADSL. Simply contact us and we will submit all the necessary applications on your behalf.

7.  Where do I make my application?
At the Real Image offices. You can send a request to our office via our contact us page.

8. What do I need to qualify for ADSL Broadband?
  You will need to have an existing standard telephone line, you will need to be in an ADSL – enabled area to qualify (closer to the exchange), your PC, an ADSL modem and an ADSL line.

9. What are the benefits of ADSL Broadband?
· Lightning fast internet and down load speeds.
· Continuous access. ADSL is always on which means no need to dial up every time you want to connect to the internet.
· The freedom to surf and talk on the phone at the same time.
· To pay a single flat monthly rate.
· To surf up to 20 times faster then a standard dial up modem.
· New customers can buy Real Image’s new ADSL Broadband all inclusive bundles. This means that you pay Real Image for the data cap subscriptions as well as for the line rental.

10. Why is my ADSL connection slow?
There are a number of factors that affect the speed of your ADSL connection:
- The line quality may be poor and as such the ADSL connection communicating at a slow speed. To test your connection speed make use of the speed test tool.

11. How do I get billed for my ADSL Broadband?
You will receive two separate bills, one from Real Image and the other from SPTC. The Real Image bill will charge you for the package you chose and SPTC will charge you for the respective line rentals.