Wireless For Home

realWirelessband – Our realWireless solution extends our technological connectivity options to a wireless platform. We offer both Capped and unCapped bandwidth options for home users.

Our wireless network is carrier-grade with an uptime of 99.8%. This means we are able to provide connectivity comparable to services like leased-lines at a fraction of the cost.

Because our wireless network runs independent of third party providers, we are able to deliver services within 2-3 days.

Wireless circuits are flexible and scalable in nature, enabling customers to scale bandwidth at short notice or even relocate their connection for a small fee.

Have a look at the Packages tab for more information on the package options we have.

Package Options - Updated 1 September 2019

For our realWireless Home options, we offer the following Capped and unCapped solutions.

Wireless For Home - Consumer Grade - CAPPED

  Premium Extreme Mega
Total Quota 45GB (40GB) 90GB (80GB) 180GB (160GB)
Anytime + Nighttime 22.5GB + 22.5GB 45GB + 45GB 90GB + 90GB
Speed 2/4Mbps 5/8Mbps (2/4Mbps) 5/8Mbps
Sharing Ratio 1:12 (1:15) 1:12 (1:15) 1:12 (1:15)
IP Addresses* DR DR DR
SZL (excl) 310.24 677.55 1,326.27

Wireless For Home - Consumer Grade - unCAPPED

  Express Premium Extreme Jumbo NightSurfer
Data Quota unLimited unLimited unLimited unLimited unLimited
Time Of Day no-limit no-limit no-limit no-limit 7pm - 7am (Mon to Fri)
Speed** 2/4Mbps 2/4Mbps 5/8Mbps 5/8Mbps 2/4Mbps
Fair Use Policy 50GB 80GB) 100GB 130GB 60GB
SZL (excl) 466.73
1,900.00 585.28

Top Up Voucher Options

Should you run out of Cap (or your quota), you can easily top up with our option below. We offer the lowest per meg top-ups. Top-ups are valid for 45-days from the date of activation.

Top Up Voucher

  1GB 2GB 4GB 6GB 10GB 20GB 40GB 60GB 100GB
SZL (excl) 50.00 96.00 186.00 270.00 400.00 770.00 1,500.00 2,190.00 3,550.00


** On realWireless unCapped Packages, Speed & Sharing Ratio are subject to our fair usage policy.

realWireless Devices and Routers

For installation costs and a wireless device/router please contact our Customer Services team for assistance. Terms & Conditions apply.

Don't worry about making the wrong package choice, you can instantly upgrade/downgrade at any point should your needs change. It's just our way of keeping it "real"!

realWireless Coverage & Availability

Below are the areas where the realWireless network is available.

Ezulwini (90% coverage)
· Gables
· Spintex
· Royal Villas
· Corner Plaza
· Sunset
· Timbali
Lobamba (50% coverage)
Lozitha (100% coverage)
Malkerns (80% coverage)

Matsapha (100% coverage)
· Whole industrial sites
· Tubungu Estates
· Old Matsapha Airport
· Esibayeni Lodge
Kwaluseni (40% coverage)
· University
Logoba (100% coverage)
Manzini (90% coverage)
· Fairview (North & South)/St Pauls
· Ngwane Park/Nazarene/Tiger City
· Helemisi/ Mavuso (Trade-fair)
· City Centre
· Madonsa
· Moneni/Manzini Clinic

For additional assistance please contact our Customer Services team.

ANYTIME AND NIGHTTIME DATA - Updated 1 September 2019

We are now offering Anytime & Nighttime data. This is strictly available to all Capped realWireless, home and business users.

Nighttime data is available daily from 8pm to 7am the following morning. It is also available all weekend from Fiday Midnight to Sunday Midnight.

Special Notes:
1. Anytime data is used from 7am to 8pm during the week. If it happens that you exhaust your Nighttime data but still have Anytime data available you will be granted access to the Network until you exhaust your anytime.

2. If you exhaust you Anytime data, but still have Nighttime data, you will be granted access to the network from 8pm to 7am during the week, additionally you will have access from Friday Midnnight until Sunday Midnight, provided you do not exhaust the Nighttime data.

Please contact our Customer Services team for assistance for any additional assistance.