ADSL For Home

realHomeband - is designed for the home user with different Internet access requirements. This option allows for the use of more features on the internet, without the frustration of waiting for pages to load. 1GB, 2GB and 4GB Cap levels are available depending on which realHomeband package you choose.

Since its introduction in 2008, the local telco has been actively involved in ensuring that the service and solution is available in a a number of areas in Swaziland. This network continues to expand daily.

The Packages

What Will I Need?
First things first, check if your area is ADSL enabled. You can contact our Customer Services Team to assist you check if you Area is ADSL enabled.

Then you will need:
·    An existing telephone line. If
·    ADSL Modem
·    An ADSL subscription with Real Image internet

What to think about when choosing your package?

A list of factors to consider when getting ADSL :

1.    Availability of ADSL in a specific area: This is the first factor to consider when getting ADSL because if the telephone exchange in your area is not ADSL or DSL enabled or doesn't support ADSL, you will not be able to get ADSL. Please see attatched.

2.    Distance from the exchange: You must be within a radius of 4 – 5 KM from an ADSL enabled telephone exchange.

3.    Cost of the ADSL service: Does it make financial sense to change from your existing connection to ADSL Service? Consider what you are paying for your current connection on a monthly basis plus your telephone bills and whether it suits your usage, how often you use the internet.

4.    ADSL line speed: You don't want to be stuck with a slow line speed when you need a higher line speed for online gaming, downloading large files, et cetera. Or have a high line speed when all you want to do is emailing, and the occasional surfing.

5.    Size of the “Cap”: A "Cap" on an ADSL line is simply a limit to how much data one can download per month. It is usually measured in MB (megabytes) or GB (gigabytes) and once depleted, your ADSL internet connection stops working and you’ll have the option to buy additional bandwidth.

6.    Existing ISDN Users: ISDN users will be required to convert their existing line to an analogue line which supports ADSL. Real Image will assist with the application through SPTC.

*For Multiple users you will need a network in place.


Value Additions
Real Image offers a number of value adds with your basic realBusinessBand package. These value adds are what sets us apart from other Internet Service Providers in Swaziland.

Value Adds:

·    Large Mailbox for each email address
·    Each of our ADSL business packages include at least 5 email address
·    Daily Usage Notifications for all our capped services
·    Your own Domain name


·    Fast Reliable Digital Connectivity
·    Free Porn and Junk FREE e-mail with Anti-Spam Filtering
·    Virus FREE e-mail with Anti-Virus Filtering
·    Web based e-mail in addition to the standard POP3 e-mail gives you access to your e-mail wherever you are
·    24/7 365 Free Extended Hours telephone support
·    Next Business Day on site support
·    Emergency Same Day on site support