Website & Mobisite Development

One of the most common reasons for us to be hanging around on the Internet every day is
the abundance of information it is loaded with. The information is generated by multiple sources
and is carefully organized in the form of files and web pages, which, when grouped together to
form a single entity, become a website.

A mobisite is a website that is specifically designed to work with portal devices like cellphones or tablets.

There are many different types of websites from general news, sports, social media or corporate
information sites.

Real Image is a market leader in the designing of websites in Swaziland. We have the experience and
expertise to help you design any magnitude site. We will assist you from planning the layout, creating
the graphics and also help share best practice to display the information in a user friendly manner.

We can also offer Content Management Systems (CMS), which makes it easy for anyone who does
not have any programming experience to manage the website, or if you so wish we can help you
manage your website.

Website Development Services Include:

  • Design of the website
  • Advise on menu and layout structure
  • Data collection and copyrighting
  • Programming of various functions and features
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Form to email notifications
  • Web Access Statistics
  • Upload and manage content
  • Integration to third party systems

Please contact our Customer Services team for assistance.